Welcome to Be Un Sangha

Un [ooon] is an intentional community of enlightened creatives and entrepreneurs

About Us

Be Un Sangha is a secure, private membership community where people can meet, be known, be empowered, contribute their genius, and receive support and encouragement in a safe space. We are leaders-in-development manifesting the best of the Human Spirit in ourselves and in the communities we serve. 

We are a "Sangha," that is to say  we are following a contemplative tradition of being a committed, intentional community, creating new conversations, new thinking and access to real world results - and fun!

Why You Should Join Us

If you are committed to a world that works for everyone, with nothing and no one left out, and you are committed to contributing your genius - then welcome to the Be Un Sangha Community - come play together and play hard!

A Big Thanks

Thank you to Team Be Un, being One with the future and the needs of the communities that we serve.  We acknowledge a lineage of leaders of great spiritual communities (Sanghas) and hope to blend and build on those traditions.

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